How will the codechef decide the top 100 Indian "students" from the top 100 indian participants?

The 3rd point on the contest page of september cook off, [Link][1], says that:
“The top 100 Indian Students shall have their ACM-ICPC expenses reimbursed.”

My question is Will the codechef reimburse the top 100 Indian “students” or the top 100 Indian participants who are eligible for ACM icpc? And if yes, how will codechef team notify the top 100 “students” of India?


read here …

According to the link you shared, reimbursement will be given to top 100 indian students.
How will codechef decide the top 100 indian students then…? I want to ask the procedure to pull out top 100 indian students from the rank list.

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see this hope it helps

The ranklist you shared has both the students and the professionals.

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may be the will run an sql query on the ranklist…
select name from ranklist where occupation=‘student’ limit 100
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: i think dont worry!! you ll be getting a mail for the same soon!

What if some student in Top 100 students doesn’t want to participate in ACM ICPC ? will others get a Chance?

NO i dont think so!

We will be reimbursing ACM ICPC expense of top 100 Indian students, excluding the professionals in the top 100, and the students who are not going to the ACM ICPC. :slight_smile:


Yes. They have stated that in the previous post. They’ll reimburse only those students who are participating in ICPC.


Wont there be any plagiarism check for Cook-off?
It is needed here more than the long contest!


There would be . I reported some identical codes of SUBLCM problem and I got a positive reply from the admin saying that he would look at all the codes that I have sent and take action accordingly . If you also find solutions that have been copied please report them as it would make the process easier for the codechef people .