How to study :)

Hello @all,

As we are here to study algorithms and, as a great way of doing it is by reading books/editorials, knowing how to read them in “the correct way” can sometimes be the difference between understanding a concept or struggling very hard to grasp it.

This is something I struggle with a lot myself and after some digging on Quora I came across this text!

It seems to be very interesting and I hope it might help some of you as it will certainly help me :smiley:



I learn by solving problems. The result I want to achieve is being able to solve problems (quickly and correctly), and not being able to understand the theory from books, and I take the most straightforward path to the goal.

I don’t ever learn from theory. If I try learning theory, it’s always after being unable to solve some problem involving it. I also prefer trying to think about the problems by myself and only resort to editorials after being completely clueless; the same with trying to implement new ideas - I try to do this by myself first. That way, I learn how to think and code in general and without external help.

I noticed how it often happens that when solving a problem, I relate the solution to similar ones in other problems I’ve solved, or even random short ideas (even incorrect ones) I’ve heard somewhere. This is a good measure of how well you can pick the right solution from what you’ve learned :smiley:

Of course, everyone has their own way to study. It’s well possible that you’re unable to think the way I do, which renders this post useless :smiley: In that sense, any “how to study” text can sound as bullshit.


Sometimes, the problem with that approach for me is that I can’t even start off on the right direction without having some theoretical background :frowning:

Yes, that’s the situation where I read the editorials. If you solved some problem and can’t solve a very similar problem later, no amount of studying can fix it. It takes experience.