How to start programming?

Where should I start to learn programming? Any websites recommended? I heard C++ isn’t a bad place to start. Help would be welcome.

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If you want to start with C++ read Robert Lafore’s OOP in C++.Learn the syntax of the language and to supplement the learning start doing some basic coding problems.Whenever you have a syntax problem while coding refer to also a very good website for C++.And after that it all depends on your interest.

Do you recommend or

Either of them.Most of the time google search results show

Hello there rflyer95!

Programming is fun and I am glad that you want to start learning it :slight_smile: The first step is to choose a programming language. The programming language that you choose will be the most powerful tool at your disposal and that is what will make you a great coder. Find a language and get comfortable with it. If you want to get into web programming I suggest you look into PHP. If you are not sure which language to choose, learn C++. Seriously, it’s the best thing to learn.
Many people will say that C++ is a very difficult language to learn and it scares away a newbie by teaching him/her too many things at a time like memory allocation and stuff. But once you learn a language as flexible and powerful as C++, you will realize it’s true power. It is really a great first language in my opinion. You can start learning C++ on thenewboston. Bucky will make you understand the hardest of hard things :D.

After you finish the video series, head over to this link and read the tutorials. The next step is obvious, practice. Practice is a really good way to put your knowledge to practice.

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

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You can start by creating basic console programs like calculators and then move on to solve the first few problems on the easy section of CodeChef. After you start solving the problems you will encounter some problems at first but don’t feel frustrated and dejected. You can always ask us a question on the forums :slight_smile:

After finishing some of the problems, you might not understand the logic behind them. That is where algorithms come in. To learn algorithms head over to the TopCoder Algorithms Section. Those are the best algorithm tutorials I have come across. If you have a doubt in implementation then check out the solutions of other coders of the same problem. Study the logic, don’t just blindly copy paste the code or else you will never learn how to do it. You will slowly start enjoying it. Then solve more problems. If you don’t find it satisfying or fun, then maybe programming is not what you want. Find something else that you truly love and pursue it. If you still feel interested, then congratulations, you are a programmer and you love to solve problems!


i think you will get answer to your question if you go through following links:


i think your recommendation for topcoder algorithm section is too good

I’d also recommend that you use a good book as a reference and guide so that you can always be sure you’ve not missed any technical details :wink: (most of the video tuts on the internet miss technical details)

Just as a suggestion, Herbert Schildt’s The Complete Reference C++ is a very good one. Though the book is intended for pros, you’ll have no difficulty in understanding the book.

Also you can try There you’ll find dozens of lectures from IITs/Harvard/Stanford etc on computing and programming.

Happy programming!

You can get help from many sites, here are some examples for you:


Career Cup

HAcker Rank

Top Coder

Best of Luck…!!