How to start Programming after BE\eing detached for 3 months?

I started programming at Jan 2015 and was detached for the last 3 months because of job that I got.But it is not interesting me anymore.No coding is there.Only editing existing code.

i have forget most of the important concepts.How do I start again.i am blind now.

You can start your journey once again [from here.][1]

As you mentioned, you already know coding concepts, but you have just forgot because of your job, practicing daily for even an hour(try to solve just a single problem) will help you alot.

Another important aspect is to participate in various coding challenges organised by various websites. You may have a pretty hectic schedule, but spending some time on challenges(doesn’t matter if you can’t solve any problem, but you tried) can help you alot to boost or regain your previous concepts.