How to start off with mathematics required for CodeChef problems

CodeChef problems seem to require a certain level of Mathematical proficiency. How can I prepare myself for the same? What all books can I read or what all links can refer to?

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Most of the problems in competitive programming involve the following topics majorly -

  1. Combinatorics
  2. Probability
  3. Number Theory
  4. Computational Geometry

Combinatorics and Probability require an undergraduate level proficiency. Introductory Combinatorics by Richard A. Brualdi is a good book for reading about combinatorics. Most of the skills that you develop in Probablity can come by solving problems if you know your high school level probability well.

Number Theory is a really vast area to grasp and you will have to practice a lot to learn about it. Elementary Number Theory by David M. Burton should be a good start for you.

For computational geometry, you can refer to for a start.


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