How to start competitive programming??

Good evening,

I have some experiencie with programming at my job (Java on the most part) but I’m really into getting better so I would like to know how is the best way to start competitive programming, which books should I read, how should I approach the problems, how could I identify the type of problems, and that kind of things.

I appreciate your answers, thank you very much.


Check Out The Link Above.I hope it may help a little.

Competitive programming is the thing which you learn with practise.Have command on a particular language and start coding.Participate in discussions.Give your inputs not thinking how small it can be.You will learn with time.And reading articles do help. :slight_smile:

First of all you will need to practice on competitive coding sites such as(Codechef,HackerRank).

You will then participate in competition and see that there are many codes you are not able to solve these problem are algorithm based for this you need to study INTRODUCTION TO ALGORITHM by THOMAS H.CORMEN

Now go for the sites such as TopCoder, HackerEarth and spoj.

Continue practising.