how to start coding for aug2014 event please?????

i want to compete in aug2014 event but i m not getting how to start coding i m not getting option of code so please give me sugession…

To build up your basics, you should start studying a language (my advice go for C) form a book(C in Depth) or online from

Then, after you feel perfection in array, string, pointer, functions, structure, etc you should start solving practice problems of category easy from

And side by side, you should also attempt contest problems.

@a1vyavahare123 : I guess you are asking how to “Submit” . Click on the “Submit” button on the problem page and there you can either paste your code in the editor or select a file on desktop . Remember to select the correct language while submitting . For coding you can do it offline elsewhere on your desktop or use an online ide like .


One note here: submit button is available also when you are not logged in (probably a bug) and then it is not working, so check that you are logged in first :wink:

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@a1vyavahare123 , yes the reason for such a thing could be that you are not logged in . Please check it first :slight_smile: