How to sort questions with short descriptions?

How to find questions which have a short description?

I guess their is no way by which you can sort as per the length of descriptions provided.But , you can sort for relatively easy questions by sorting with the number of submissions as if any problems which is solved by many people , it has to relatively easy to be understood by most of the people here.

P.S. - I also try to hunt for problems with short descriptions sometimes.

I would suggest you to read all the questions and not judge question by its “description”. Although you should sort questions according to difficulty by clicking on Successful Submission. And you must not judge a question by length of its description. So at least you should read the question and understand it. Happy Coding!

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I am not sure why would you need to search for those questions? If you think it is easier to answer them, this is a perfect example that it is not. Anyway, I’m going to get to my blog and make some improvements there rather than search for simple questions here. :slight_smile:

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I Would Suggests you to Sort as per the length of descriptions provided by click here on successful Submission.You Should Judge a Question by its Description length.Read the Question and Understand That to Sort it as per your requirement.


Why do you need it? Maybe will help you? There are lots of answers about writing and other interesting stuff