how to solve questions on spoj

I recently started spoj. How to go for solving questions on it? I solved a few easy questions. But there is no way I can solve a question which is difficult because there are no editorials for questions on spoj. Moreover, people can’t see each others codes. So how can I solve a question on which I’m stuck?

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Google is your best friend!. If you are struck with a question just google it using the problem code, you can find the solutions, hints,…
PS: Please don’t immediately search for hint. First think of your best, and still if you can not, then you search for the hint.

Google. Otherwise, in case you can’t find any solutions that way, you could always post here and ask for help.

Try to use basic topic to solve the questions or try a combination of them.

refer here for some basic topic needed to learn:

Then try to solve random problems on spoj. Doing a problem without knowing the category it’s classified into gives mind a real way to develop habit of solving problems.

Besides you can try this anytime: