how to solve np problems??

Hello,how to solve NP- completeness problems like travelling salesman problem,finding the minimum set in the given numbers.i need some explanation of how do i guess the solution of that problem??thank u

can u give some example of problem???

You can start up with theoretical approach like,

  1. Number of cities
  2. Make the Hamiltonian graph
  3. Find all possible routes and their values in total.
  4. Select the minimum Path, which is the shortest path traversing all the cities at least once.
  5. Using this u will be able to derive an algorithm n continue with it,

these problems sometimes have weaker versions that can have a sub-exponential algorithm. sometimes you also don’t want the optimum solution, but an approximate one, or even a probabilistic one. these subproblems are often easier to solve, and scientific papers provide some relatively reliable code for these specific cases.