how to share code of problem from codechef Ide (any IDE) as a link while asking questions

Please guys tell me how to share code as link while asking any problem on Codechef discuss… i don’t want to copy my code here… i just want to share a link of my code…
Help me how to do it in easy way…

while asking your question there is bar above click on 3rd number link(the one which has image of earth) and paste your link over there…

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Code as link?

You just run it on , make sure your settings are not set to “private” and then share the link here. Every fellow on earth does it XD

If you are asking that the link should direct to codechef’s “Code Compile and Run”, then thats not possible. These things are secure so that no one else copies your code (important for contest etc)

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You have several options. You can share the link of or or u could just simply copy the code in the question. I prefer the first one.

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you could use ``