how to search questions on a particular topic on codechef

i learn concepts…and want to apply that in problems…now how to find problems on that particular concept??

On the editorials there are usually tags that indicate to what class the problem belongs to…

Also, the related problems are a good way to find alike problems :wink:

To end, your experience also counts a lot, and you will start realizing to what kind the problem fit into after you’ve seen a bunch of them :smiley:

You are in the right place,

Bruno this may be of your help :slight_smile:

It seems, that it’s not working, I tried “CodeChef”, “Similar problems”, “CROWD” and no results found - I would expect that some problems with matrix exponentiation will be found…

yeah, I just checked and found the similar problems is not working. It is suggesting some problem based on my profile though but i dont find it very useful. Had the link somewhere in my archives so provided. Hopefully, some may find it useful.