How to search a user on CodeChef?

How do I search an individuals profile on CodeChef. Is there any way to search for a specific username? I just want to view the profile of a username.

Yes it is:

how to search search profile

and when you choose user you will see forum profile (I didn’t tried regexps, but on first try it seems it finds all with entered part as substring).

If you want to see codechef profile (f.e. solved problems, submissions …) click main profile link.

forum profile

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As for now, CodeChef doesn’t have the facility to search users by Name. However, if you know a specific username and want to see the profile of that user, you may visit the url

Furthermore, if you want to check out the submissions made by any specific user you can always do so here by searching for the Username in the User box. This particular feature uses auto-complete on existing usernames and hence helps you to find a user in case you can guess a user’s username.

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once i was to search someone , i did " codechef" on google and it worked for me ! if you know the college of the user the result would be more precise. like codechef .really, it works !
but you can’t search here on codechef.

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There is a much easier way.

Just go to my submissions, set all the parameters to as generic as you can, make the year such that the person you want to find has made atleast one submission during that time, and enter the user field as the person you want to search.

I have ask some questions from user how will i check the reply from user because i have forgeten the name of the user???