How to save laddus and change username?

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I want to change my username. As I know there is no such functionality in codechef(admins comment confirming that), so I have to create a new account and delete my current one. But what will happen to my laddus? Will I be able to connect my current laddus to my new profile? Will I be able to use my laddus in the future? Currently I have 150 laddus and don’t want to lose them. Can you, please, tell how to save them?

I would suggest that you send a mail to Codechef/admin requesting creation of a new account and termination of old one. They usually respond within a few days at max. I don’t think they would mind transferring your old laddus to your new account. Also, I don’t think they’ll transfer your other progress, like - ratings, problems solved, etc to the new account. @vijju123 will be able to shed better light on this. Send him a mail at :

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, it helped :slight_smile: I have just started doing CodeChef. I have solved few problems and have participated in few contests so I don’t really mind that progress.

Did I understand right that I have to create a new account and then request termination of old one and transfer of my laddus?

My pleasure :slight_smile:

As holding of two accounts at a time is not allowed, I would suggest you to first write a proposal to admin/vijju, mentioning your old username and the username for the new account you wish to create. Also mention that you would like your old laddus to be transferred to your new account. After this, I’m sure they’ll guide you to the next steps.


Sorry the answer is no. Transfer of laddus does not happen from one account to another, sadly.

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