How to run all the test cases using Kawigi Edit in Topcoder(WINDOWS)

Hai i am using kawigiedit as the plugin for the topcoder applet…it has helped me a lot!

But i dont know how to run all the test cases at one stretch while I am in windows…When i try this i am getting an error message Cannot run programme “g++” (in directory “testprograms” ) :Create Process Error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

Can anyone help me out??
I get this error only in windows…I have installed DevC++…I dont have a problem on Linux… how can i utilize the DevCpp which is a g++ compiler…Should i try something else??

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Hi @bipin2,

Follow the following steps to set up your kawigiedit:

  1. Install DevC++ in the “C:\” drive.
  2. Log in to your arena and go to options->editor.
  3. Select kawigiedit and click on configure.
  4. In the general/testing tab under the heading General, fill in “C:” (without quotes).
  5. Under language tab, in C++ section, fill in the File Name as “\Dev-Cpp\bin$PROBLEM$.cpp” (without quotes).
  6. Fill the Compiler command as “C:\Dev-Cpp\bin\g++.exe C:\Dev-Cpp\bin$PROBLEM$.cpp -o C:\Dev-Cpp\bin$PROBLEM$.exe” (without quotes).
  7. Fill the Run command as “C:\Dev-Cpp\bin$PROBLEM$.exe” (without quotes).
  8. Press ok and then click on save and you are done!!