How to print header file in forums?

How can I paste my code in codechef Forums with header files including?

Here is the screenshot of the problem.

alt text

Is there any trick to do that in the correct manner?

Using the “code sample” option.

#include < bits/stdc++.h>
some code
some other code

Give a link to the code (ideone or in codechef submission)

also I think you can use

 tag to put your code. Give it a try. I am not sure if it will work.
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@ayushagg31, it will show up correctly (see below) even if it < and > appear substituted by < and > in the preview.

#include < bits/stdc++.h >
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What you exactly write to show header file in this manner.
It’s working correctly for blockquote but not for code sample option.

@ayushagg31 it works correctly even if the preview shows something different. I have edited your question to demonstrate this, take a look.