How to prepare for GATE??

Hi friends, I am a B.Tech student. My ultimate passion is teaching.According to me teaching is most scared profession. I always love to share my knowledge, whatever I know. In order to become a Professor in any B.Tech college in India the minimum qualification is turning out to be a Post Graduate(M.Tech).
So I would like to do M.Tech in Computer Science and engineering.
I am just in the 2nd year now. Many people say that its easy to crack GATE(exam in INDIA),some says its not.
Is it easy?
How should we prepare for it?
As I have already told, I am only going to the second year. Not even a good programmer. I am just learning daily. Is it the proper time to prepare for GATE
Which is good?? To go for M.Tech or go for MS abroad??
Any opinions??


@bibinpreethy >> You can take help of any institution around you, meant for GATE preparation. Internet is a great source, you can take a lot of help.

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@bibinpreethy : I have taught GATE students in past . Prior to working at Directi , i was a coach in computer science . I did my B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi and then worked for Microsoft and a few other companies before working as a freelance coach . It was an awesome experience . A few takeaway’s for you :

  1. Theory of Automata is the single most important topic in GATE syllabus .
  2. You need to study the syllabus of GATE examination properly , especially the year you appear but even now because change in syllabus year on year is not much . There are scholarships to be won on basis of GATE score , and you should not lose out because you neglected some topic in syllabus . For example , it will expect you to know C and C++ , if you program in Java or in some other language , one language may be enough for you in programming but for GATE examination look for specific languages in which they will ask you questions .
  3. Buy last 10 years (or more ) of past year GATE examination papers . Study the distribution of questions across topics . Give them as mock tests and see your score and try to improve .
  4. Buy good books , topic wise , not just one combined GATE book . One combined book will also be useful for revision but for in depth study you need to have good books on all topics .
  5. Practice / Give mock tests every week and keep on improving your score .

Best of luck in all your endevours . Cheers .


@bugkiller:Sorry i know this is not programming related.I have craze for programming.But more than that i love teaching.That is why.Sorry if any got offended by this question.

@vineethpaliwal:Thank you sir for your wonderful supporting answer.Hope you are a teacher now.I too want to become a good teacher.Which is good? M.tch or MS?
Sir where did you do your M.Tech?

@vineetpaliwal sir superlike for ur comment :slight_smile:

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@vineetpaliwal Sir what kind of scholarships are won on basis of GATE?
I am joining IITB for MTech this July…

Education is undoubtedly the best job in the world. Far from being a gratuitous assertion, this assertion is based on a number of observations. In addition to being noble and prestigious education gives those who have a stability and balance. Obviously, the foundation of society is the transmission, transmission of knowledge, the transmission of culture from one generation to another. The decisive and irreplaceable role of the teacher in this transmission is no longer


@bibinpreethy : I have not done M.Tech or M.S. . I was teaching freelance on my own so I didn’t need that qualification for teaching . Both M.Tech and M.S. are good options after B.Tech .
@swapniel99 : . The scholarships are awarded by the admitting institute . You need to check with the institute which you are getting admitted to for available scholarships . Best of luck . Cheers , Happy Coding .


I hope you mean sacred and not scared. (line 1)