How to practice problems in a finished contest?

I want to practice problems in, but can’t make new submissions.
How can I search for corresponding problems in practice section?


Go to where PROBCODE is the problem code.

For example to submit a solution for this problem ( you go to

Alternatively you can search for the problem in practice section.

  1. Go to [May Challenge 2016][1]

  2. Go to the problem that you want to solve. For Example : Go to [Laddu Problem][2]

  3. Go to the address bar.

  4. Remove /MAY16 from the address and go to this address. It will open the problem in Practice Section.

Now, you can submit your solution.

There ought to be a link to the practice section. The submit button could enter the solution directly into the practice section. I also think all solutions submitted during the contest should be showed in the practice section.

1-Copy Problem Code eg- CHBLLS
2-On Google,search “CHBLLS Editorial Codechef
3-Open the link and then Go to “Practice” under “Problem Link” at top.