How to learn programming in C++ and code here

Should I run through the tutorial on and then attempt these problems? Or is there more I need to know

Well, you’ll never learn everything, no matter how good you are: so yes there is always more you need to know. My advice is go through the tutorials and when you’re used to programming and feel comfortable about primitive data types, arrays, methods you can try the easy first easy problems here. And avoid asking for answers to the problems, try to look them by yourself, it will help you a LOT. You can search the internet for ways to approach the problem… But avoid trying to go for a direct answer on the easy problems. But most important of all keep practicing and if you need someone to talk to about programming you can count on me(I’m not a pro but for starters I can be really helpful, my main programming language is java but I know how to find my way in cpp)… And I’ll recommend the new boston tutorials:… That site has really good video tutorials for java, cpp and c…


You should know atleast 1 programming language, as you are starting up go through the tutorials section( ) after that and before submitting your first solution read the sample solutions for your particular language.


dont rely much on tutorials…learn the syntax from books and try to implement it on your own.
In case you wish to revise or would like to know something extra then you can go for online tutorials.

C++ statement is a statement is a simple or compound expression that can actually produce
some effect. In fact, this statement performs the only action that generates a visible effect in our first program.


Well, here you definitely won’t learn all C++ ins and outs, at all…

This website and the programming tasks presented here are completely language independent in the sense that they can be “solved” only using pencil & paper.

The second part of your task here is translating your idea to a programming language that the online judge system can understand. But these are 2 different things. You can be great at algorithms and not so great at programming and vice-versa.

From my experience, you can learn some features of a particular programming language by trying to express any algorithm you’ve came up with in one (even if it’s wrong). It’s as easy as that.

Suppose you’ve devised an algorithm to sort a list in ascending order (the bubblesort algorithm, for example), and that you want to program it in C++.

There are immediately some things that you would like to do, that will “force you” to read the language documentation, tutorials, books whatever, to get your job done.

Create a procedure to make code clean; how do I do this?

Pass an array to a procedure, how do I do this?

Declare and initialize an array, how can I do it?

etc etc

So, as you can see, even though the algorithm you have in your head is clearly understood and “implemented”, you’ll have to discover some things about the language before you can efficiently express it.

This website is solely algorithm related. It’s the logic behind a problem’s solution that counts for efficiency. Knowing a particular data structure, knowing some standard tricks… That, comes from experience and practice.

Learning a language’s syntax, well, I’d call it a “necessary evil” if you want to think about it that way.

To really learn a language completely, you would need a lifetime of work with that language… But some tricks and standard data structures are easily learnt as you are motivated by these interesting problems :smiley:


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You may visit Gegasoft website for tutorials translated into english language. PHP Tutorials are translated are available in both english and urdu languages. Thanks.

at the beginning stages, for learning prog lang just use some websites like,, etc. at codechef you will be practising(not learning) what you learned.
and later on is your friend.

Well, here you definitely won’t learn all C++ ins and outs, at all…

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