How to learn Graph and Tree Data structure easily

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I tried to learn Graphs and Tree data structure, but I got confused and doesn’t have fixed approach to learn it. I am using Java language. This two data structures are very important to develop programming skills and to understand advanced algorithms. So please help me out with this.



try this:-

these are great tutorials under ‘nptel’ by iit delhi!!

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I’ll suggest that you subscribe to coursera (it’s free) and enroll in algorithms with Robert Segdewick:

After enrolling check week 2.

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To understand graph and tree better u need to have strong command on pointers and structures, because to do programming on these topics u need help of this…so if u have strong command over this topics u can easily understand graph and tree from any good book…first solve the all types of problem related to link list then it will be easier to understand graph and tree

If u are somewhat ok with pointers and structures , u can read the book Introduction To Algorithms by Thomas H Cormen It has pretty good basic graph algorithms. For pointers head to this site
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