How to learn computer languages?

How should I start learning computer languages?
Which books or website should I refer?

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Codecademy is a great place to start off:

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I would recommend:

Okay i guide like this

  1. Firstly choose a program, from which you want to start. It depends on many factor like area of interest…of course if you are very new then it is very difficult to choose. So, go with simple languages first.

  2. Go through beginner tutorials available on internet. Just Google them.

  3. Try to write some basic codes and learning programs. start from “Hello world”.

  4. Buy a good book on that language, you can get which one is good by just googling.

  5. Go through core concepts of that language and try to do experiments by own. Because computer will execute everything what you code no matter if it make sense or not. Do experiments as much you can do.

  6. Start doing projects of your own in that language.

Good Luck :smiley:
And Also welcome to the world of programming :slight_smile:

I would recommend and

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Keeping it short and even more simple, i recommend you to follow this road map.

Along with this, keep testing your coding skills on sites like codechef on regular basis.
Books - They are mentioned along with the course, if you go through the overview of any course in detail.
Happy Coding.

PS - You don’t have to complete each and every section, even professionals don’t do it, just go through the courses, understand the importance of each one of them, learn them only if it suits you according to your requirements.