How to know whether a problem passed all test cases in topcoder practice ?

I am a beginner. I have started coding in Topcoder. Now in arena after selecting a Div-2 200 point problem I submit it after 10 min. Then it says "submitting for 200 pt". Now I got somewhat 163 points. SO not fully correct. Now I again look into my code and got some corner cases where my code would fail. I modify it. Then I resubmit. It is then 10% reduced. Says "submiiting for 180 points". Now I got 179.99 points. Again not fully correct. So my question is

  • How to know the whether my program passed all test cases?
  • Is there any way I can do it in a wy such that there is no time-point things? I just want to practice.

Thanks in advance.

Go to Practice Options and Run System Test

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If that passes then everything is right. Can you please elaborate a little?

hi @a____

At Topcoder, you get points accroding to your Quality of solution. If the Code is 100% correct, you might not get full points, as your solution must have been taking more time than the Top Scorer, and if your code is better than his, you will get full points.

It also considers the time taken by you to submit the program, no. of times compiled, no. of times tested by testcases, and the no. of times you edited your code.

Well your code might pass all the test cases, go to Options->Run System Test and there you will see where your code failed in the respective testcases.

Step - 1

Step - 2

Re-Submitting a solution, reduces your 20 points.

Drop a comment here if you have any problem.

Happy Coding. :slight_smile:

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@bradley.: Thanks. Suppose I have submitted for a problem…then if it showa that 49 out of 49 tests passed then I can be sure that my solution is correct…isn’t it?

Yes, if it passes all the Tests, your solution is 100% correct. Don worry about the points, worry about the solution. Thats the truth. :slight_smile:

@bradley.: I have chosen your answer…Thanks…One thing if I have any problem regarding topcoder use…can I ask you for help here?

not displaying practice options in arena. Is there any option to add it??