How to increase karma

Hi friends,

How can i increase my karma in the forum so that i can attach photos to my posts?


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Write something interesting for a change!

You are asking way too many questions one after another. Maybe you should slow down so that you don’t get mistakenly banned for spamming.


Hey,do it known as spam here for asking too many questions after all i am a beginner :frowning: ?

Here is what you need to do…

  1. Ask good questions : When you ask questions whose answer others also want they upvote you.This increases your Karma

  2. Write answers to various questions: If the person asking questions accepts your answer your Karma increases.Also if anyone else upvotes your answer your karma increases.

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@binay_misra, most of your questions are really simple and the answer can be found with a little search on google or on codechef. Please search to see if your question has been asked before asking questions. As stated in the above comments, you are asking Way too many Questions As of now, you have asked 18 questions in less than 48 hours, that’s way too much.

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Duplicate of How to gain reputation in Codechef?

How can I ask questions if I can’t post questions… ?


First try answering questions so that you get up voted or your answer get accepted.

Your question is good and i think you are curious in asking questions or you may be needy person so for that i have voted you up now you can ask questions.

@sharru05 @vinay1729 @write2diba @alexvaleanu I have one question to ask from this forum but unfortunately I cannot post my question as of now I am a beginner with 1 Karma, the forum says that I should have minimum of 3 Karmas. How can I gain 2 more karmas if I am not given the chance of asking a particular question?( which if found useful by others, can help me tremendously in gaining my karma ) Why can’t a beginner with less than 3 Karma post a question?

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I m also upvoting to you too…but please ask some good question…

before asking any question…just search first on forum or google …

If you didn’t get anything than ask here…

or if you have something interesting to tell than only post…

happy coding

because codechef people want you should know how you get karma and all the rules here should keep in mind while asking any question

that’s all…

My submission is wrong answer…Can any1 please help me to ask question in discussion form…It says I don’t have karma…What is it?

For problem code:COINS

Bytelandian gold coins medium practice

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {

// your code goes here
unsigned long long n,a,b,c;
int k=1;
while(k<=10 && scanf("%lld", &n)!=EOF){
    if(n>=0 && n<=10000000)
return 0;


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it gives correct answer in codechef ide compiler

Definition of Karma: What you give , that you get… Give answer , get Answer.

How am I suppose to get Karma points when I can’t ask good questions. I really need those as asking question helps a lot.

You can get them by giving good answers as well… you can check my profile I only had asked one question and that too was an unofficial editorial… and see I am top contributor after @vijju123 this month… Even vijju don’t ask much questions…

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You give one good answer and I ll be there to upvote you… till then you can ask whatever you want HERE… If your question is good enough then you will get karma here also…

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The motto is not to stop you from posting but to stop wrong people to post wrong stuff or repeated questions (which spoils this forum)

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