How to get started with coding?

hi everyone!!!
i am a beginner in coding. i just have the basic knowledge of c/c++ taught at the school level. i would like to know from where can i improve my programming skills. i have attempted a few easy problms on codechef. my main problem is that i dont get to know how to approach a problem. sometimes i end up looking the solution of the problem. plz provide me with some tips and names of books or websites from where i can improve my skills. all suggestions will be welcomed. thanks a lot in advance.

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Go to the wiki, it is under the “Discuss” tab, and there should be plenty of links to help you become a better programmer.

go through some algorithm course from

and learn all programming concept from good book.

Hi spamalot, Welcome to the community. You can find some useful links that will help you get started with programming here:

@spamalot,Hello programmer,This is the general questions what we have when we started to do programming. I’am also in learning progress.

1.we need to have the clear ideas about which language we are going to use for example:c,c++,java.Actually we need to make the complete research in the language.You can get the pdf even in google. I think you are familiar with C, then refer THE COMPLETE REFERENCE OF C book and also some basics books.

2.Next, we need to build our algorithm building skills.You can refer Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C by Mark Allen Weiss and also famous book INTRODUCTION TO ALGORITHMS by THOMAS H.CHARLES.

3.Next ,we need to practice as many problems as possible because this will help to implement the algorithms what we have learnt in can get so many basic math problems in and algorithm solution in this link.

4.Keep your track with codechef,because codechef will really help you a lot to build your skills.

If you are interested in learning python,then providing An introduction to interactive programming in python this link text and browse for it.My suggestion is that don’t be tired when you get unexpected output.Because its usually happen in beginning,so keep on learning and breaking your problems.Programming is funand you will really like it.I think this will satisfy your question.All the best,bye;):slight_smile:

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thank you everyone for the valuable suggestions.