How to get back to CodeChef homepage from CodeChef Forum?

There does not seem to be a button or link.
The Codechef logo on the top only links back to the Forum homepage, but how to get back to CodeChef homepage from here?


I find no other option than hitting F6 and then regular way. Good point mentioned, was in my mind since few months.

click the footer link that says About codechef and then u would go to and the the codechef banner(i know its a stupid workaround :P). but this page already has the links to practice ,compete,discuss links just like the homepage :smiley:

I wrote the request to CodeChef team ( on 13.3.2013:


it’s easy to navigate from page to forum (discuss > forum), but there is no such possibility to quickly navigate from forum to page.

I’d love to have such link somewhere :wink:


but didn’t get any response, probably they have a long TODO list a this has small priority…

What I do is, I click on the link to my account (of codechef discuss) on the top of the page. There, a link to my account/profile of is given. From there, i go to the homepage. Phew! Long route!!

This is a good question and we did not think about it while building this website. We will surely implement it soon. For now the only shortcut is to change the url address in your browser location. :wink: