How to get a job as a Software Developer , from a low reputed college?

I don’t know whether I can ask this question here or not. But I have no other source to ask, so asked here only.

I am studying in a college which is not much famous. But I like to develop softwares and do competitive programming (and developing algorithms). What should I do at best to get a job which I like to do. I don’t want to end up doing analyst jobs. Thanks.

And do college grades matter ?

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Do you know where is ANITS is?

That is the institute from where a guy went to Google. The guy is none other than Anudeep Nekkanti(@anudeep2011).

So how did he get there?

He has explained it better than I can.Here is the link.

So it is does not matter where are you from, practice is the key.


Solve competitive programming question. But only if you like to solve them. Ask this question on quora, tou will get a better answer.

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@steniom you can also give exams like AMCAT and elitmus. A good score in these exams increases your chances of getting into preety good companies.

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It might sound like a motivational speech, but the top placements from my college went to students having very modest grades. So grades do matter…but aptitude might be measured in many other ways also. :slight_smile:

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