How to generate and test against large test cases.

I would like to know how to test my program against large test cases (n=10^6)

The input box under code compile and run take in a max of 65535.

So does the output, so even if I write a program to generate the test case, it only prints the first 65535 numbers.

Please help.

I think spoj toolkit will help!

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It gets stuck if I ask for an array of 10^5.
Another issue is even if I manage to get the test case from there, the custom input box on code chef takes in only the first 65536.

Don’t you have ide’s like codeblocks etc

I don’t which one would you suggest?

Codeblocks is best

you can generate large test cases by writing code and using rand function.

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I tried using code blocks but I’m getting different outputs on code chef and code blocks for the exact same program and exact same input.

@abdullah768 please ask if you have any doubt.