How to gain reputation in Codechef?

I am new to codechef so please any one guide to how to increase reputation?

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If you are talking about Discussion Forum and Karmas, then you have to contribute on discussion forum, help others by clearing their doubt regarding some problems they ask, share your knowledge so that other coders can get some new ideas of solving problem

This is how you can gain reputations.

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In codechef, reputation is known as Karma.

Now, there are many ways to gain karma. The simplest would be to take part in the codechef Discuss and answer questions and have your answer upvoted ( +10 ) or becoming the accepted answer ( +15 ). You can also gain karma when your question is upvoted ( +10 ), or you accept an answer ( +2 ). There are also ways to loose reputation. From the The new Karma system

  • Reputation gain by upvoted --------------------------> 10
  • Reputation lost by downvoted -----------------------> 2
  • Reputation lost by downvoting ----------------------> 1
  • Reputation gain by accepted answer ---------------> 15
  • Reputation gain by accepting answer --------------> 2
  • Reputation lost by post flagged ---------------------> 2
  • Reputation lost by post flagged and hidden -------> 30
  • Reputation lost by post flagged and deleted ------> 100

You can refer to the link to get more details about karma and also about privileges.

So, simply put, you need to post good answers or questions so that they are upvoted and accepted.

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@shivam217 @rishabhprsd7 @arun_as I have one question to ask from this forum but unfortunately I cannot post my question as of now I am a beginner with 1 Karma, the forum says that I should have minimum of 3 Karmas. How can I gain 2 more karmas if I am not given the chance of asking a particular question?( which if found useful by others, can help me tremendously in gaining my karma )

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I have upvoted for you…now i think you can ask whatever you want to ask…

please post something meaningful…

Great job done @rcsldav2017

THANKS @nickzuck_007

i am also with the same problem.unable to ask any question?please anyone can help?(1 karma point).thanks a lot.

Hey i want to post editorial on codechef of my contest. So please upvote me… So that i get minimum karma

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I had once posted the solution on the discussion page for an ongoing contest. I didn’t know that we aren’t allowed to do so :confused: I couldn’t even remove the question. My reputation is now -35.
Can anybody please help me out?

  1. Its common sense that any problem of contest should not be discussed openly, much less sharing code.

  2. You can still ask your questions in that thread-
    Rest of the rights/reputation you will have to earn back.

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i am new in codechef and i have some question but i dont have any karma points . so what should i do to increase my karma points?

Please check the comment above on answer above yours.