How to find algorithm for a problem?

How do people solve problems so awesomely…? What do they do for that and how do they do it? PLease help.


@vineetpaliwal, Sir, I have seen you programming at contests like Facebook Hacker Cup,Codechef,Google COde Jam, Hackerrank etc.,. and you code awesome… What was your approach to get to this stage? How do you do it? Please share here. I am so eager to know how do you do it and what all have you done to come to this level… please share/


I am not @vineetpaliwal but while he doesn’t answer I can give you a little start: good coding comes from practice, experience and enjoy what you’re doing, don’t expect shortcuts, learn with your most comfortable pace but don’t get lazy. Also @vineetpaliwal good to see you fighting for the first place, good luck


Hello @md_junaid : I got admitted into IIT Delhi in the year 1998 after finishing my senior high school . I had opted for computer science . At that time i didn’t know much about computer science but i was very fond of mathematics . I learnt computer science at IIT Delhi . I also did my “Open Category” courses in mathmatics department like Combinatorics , Graph Theory . I learnt my first programming language in IIT , which was C++ and then I later learnt Java also in third year .

I am new to competitive programming . Though my elder brother told me about Topcoder 4-5 years ago i didn’t start competitive programming then . However in September 2012 somebody told me about Code Chef . I made my first participation in October 2012 . Since then I have been regularly participating in Code Chef , Hacker Rank , Top coder and so on . Competitive programming is fun and I enjoy it .

About tips :

  1. Read Cormen’s book on algorithms.

  2. Learn combinatorics and graph theory.

  3. Read topcoder tutorials .

  4. Practice a lot and read editorials .

  5. Compete


sir please suggest books for combinatorics and graph theory

@gauravdrocker : List of books :

  1. Discrete Mathematics , C.L. Liu , Tata Mc Graw Hill

  2. Graph Theory , Frank Harary


thank you sir

Right now i am studying cormen …will that be enough? or still i have to read those books…i have done elementary course on discreet mathematics…

Thanks a lot Sir…!! :slight_smile: Im sure this will help me a lot and i can become an awesome coder inshallah…