How to do Web Scraping in Bulk from same Website

basically how to do Web Scraping?

Consider you are browsing a website with very many pages in it, you kind of like it and now you want to have all that content/data for yourself.

Saving it manually would be a very hectic task or next to impossible.

You see a similarity in the webpages, basic Client-Server-Database interactions.

Consider the links of webpages are in sequence

for eg:

Each and every link/webpage has same html id/class

for eg:




How can you as a client PROGRAMME to save the necessary data from each webpage


the programme should generate links, send request to server, receive request & data from server, save relevant data (by extracting) on client memory

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You can use many libraries available online for example Try BeautifulSoup in Python. It has good documentation as to how to go about scrapping information from a particular webpage.

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I’m using for very the same for statistics retrieval Phantom JS driver.

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i made a real time mutual fund nav calculator using this -

hope to get some help from you guys’ advice. thanks for the reply.

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