How to do the programmes?

I am a student who recently passed class 12 examination from isc board. The only language which i know the best is Bluej. How should i proceed in codechef??

@aneervan200 Bluej is not a language bro… It’s an IDE for Java Programming Language.

Coming to next part of your question -How to proceed on Codecehf

Go to Practice Section -

Start from Beginner Section and sort the problem in descending order of their submissions. Try as many problems you can able to solve. Then after some time if u think you have done enough questions and practice in Beginner section then go to the easy section and so on and so on. If you are not able to solve a problem then read Editorial before asking someone else. You can also view other’s people submission to know about the different coding style.

Also, read this if you are new knew to codechef-