How to delete unnecessary codechef id?

When we register for an external contest on Codechef, sometimes we may have to give a new team name and password and that id(the team name) seems to become a new Codechef id, though not regular. It can be accessed later as well, but we cannot register again for another external contest using that team name and password as again the team name should be a new one. So, I think this kind of account should be deleted(it’s very tedious to think of a new name every time :slight_smile: ). How to perform this?


You can request for deletion of your id (your team id) by writing to with appropriate reason.


Isn’t the reason I mentioned above appropriate? What do you say? These unused ids are like ‘garbage’, Codechef should delete them for its own sake.

@snk967: Why are you arguing? bugkiller didn’t judge your reasons…

@betlista: I am not arguing. I am just asking for opinions.

why dont codechef just add a (delete account) option


@snk967 >> Deleting such ids would then remove all the history associated with those ids and might affect the related entities. As @admin has said here :

Deleting a user disturbs the associations with various entities across the site. This feature is surely in our pipeline.

@princerk >> Don’t question why don’t we add, if you have a suggestion then you can make it here. And as already quoted, it might get implemented in near future.

Hmm… I understand. But, I am talking about those ‘irregular’ team ids(which consist of one or more ‘regular’ members i.e. Codechef account-holders) which have the sole purpose to participate in one external team contest only and cannot be used for registration in another external team contest. These ids are not of much use, I guess.