How to compare xml value to user defined value in jsp

I am making a program which will take a text data from user. now, i want to check that this given data is present in my xml file or not. like:

<c:import url="dict.xml" var="url"/>
<x:parse xml="${url}" var="doc"/>
<c:set value="${param.text1}" var="user"/>        

<x:forEach select="$doc/dict/eng" var="n">            
    <x:if select="$n/word = $user"> // here i got false always...
        word found...

but i am facing problem that, Statement <x:if select="$n/word = $user"> always be false even though data is present in xml file, so the statement of <x:if block is not executing.

My dict.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <eng>  <word>  a   </word> </eng>
    <eng>  <word>  aback   </word> </eng>
    <eng>  <word>  abandon </word> </eng>