how to close a dublicate question asked repetedly

how to close a duplicate question asked repeatedly
can any one tell me where can i found this option to close a already asked question
@vijju123 @admin

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Closing the question can be done only by users above a specific karma rating and not by everybody.

what are the requirement for closing a question
How many karmas?

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then you should look at karma system

minimum reputation to close others question 3000 karma.

If you want to know more about karma system then this will help you

thanks @hruday968

you can refer to karma point system

Minimum reputation to close others posts : 3000

For more info about Karma System, see this: The new Karma system

If you come across any such thread, which you feel is a duplicate/related to on going contest or any wrong reason, report that thread.

You can mail the admins if you wish, they will see if any action can be taken.

I close the threads whenever i come across something breaking rules, or (in case i miss that thread) when someone mails me. Currently, as others said, privilege of closing thread etc. is available to high karma users only. Privilege of deleting answer or question is only with admins though (for now)

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