How to Check your solution for a Problem from an ended event whose questions are not moved to Practice Section?

I was solving questions in an event and I couldn’t solve that question on time but I managed to solve after the contest was over, but I couldn’t check whether my solution is correct as event ended. we can check our solution if that problem is moved to practice section but what about the problems which are not moved??
Is their any way to check our solutions?

Sometimes the problems are added to the practice section after some delay, a few days or maybe a week, so you might have to wait some time. If it is not added, there is no way to check if your solution is correct or not. The only thing you can do is look at the code from accepted solutions and compare it with yours on your own test cases. No other option!!

Once the contest is ended you cannot submit any solution to any problems of that contest through the contest link. You can submit your solution in practice section only if they are moved there. All the contests conducted by Codechef(long challenge, cook-off, lunchtime) are moved into practice sections after the contest. Problems from contest conducted by others like institutes are rarely moved into practice section.If the problem statement is really worth they may add them(in peer section generally).

For University/College based contests the problems are only added if they are very reputed ones otherwise they are not added at all. So, the best way to check whether your solution is correct or not is to download an accepted solution. Then write a random input generator for the problem and check the difference of the output of your solution and the correctly submitted one. Other than this all other contests of codechef are always added within a few days.