How to change my CodeChef user name

I want to change my CodeChef user name. Is there a feature available?


No, we can not modify user names once it is created. You can register for a new user name if you are persistent on modifying it.


please provide one time user name modification facility like codeforces.


If providing one time username modification is not possible, could you at least give a feature where user can import stats from his old account if creating new account is the only solution.


please do provide one of tthese features …as i really need to change my user name


please provide this feature because I want my username like I am a programmer

please provide facility to change username … and also show previous few usernames in profile so to identify easily…!


One thing which can be done is the feature to create an alias/nick name which can be changed regularly. So that people can search for the user by username but the submissions will be shown by their nicknames which the user can change frequently.


Hi @admin .Are you planning to implement any of the below suggested features ?

I want to change my username… How can I? Please help me…

I dont think you can…sorry dear :frowning:

Coders are not known by their names but by their ‘CODES’. Once you get into it, you will know name doesn’t matter. ‘Tourist’ name is well known because he is world’s best coder. He could have choosen any name and that name would have been as famous as tourist is. :slight_smile: Happy Coding

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How were to click as team owner to add team member please it very ugent

Please add this new feature which allows us to change usernames

I think the Codechef Team should provide the change username facility.It is helpful to users.