how the statement meaning///while (s && *s)send_char (*s++); in c

what is this statement //while (s && *s)send_char (*s++);
March 1, 2019 - 6:09pm

Below part code for 16x2 LCD,

void send_string(const char *s) //send a string to display in the lcd
while (s && *s)send_char (*s++);

void send_char(unsigned char data) //send lcd character




I trying to understand how the code //while (s && *s)send_char (*s++); is executed ?? if the argument is passed like “ABCD” ???

I only known the statement in c that //while(), but what is the meaning of that while()with the passing argument by calling function …ie, //while (s && *s)send_char (*s++);

could you please clear anybody. and can you share a link whare such statement is exist please.