How should I start? I just don't where should I start from and how should I improve? Even the easy one is quite difficult. What am I supposed to do?

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Pretty much summed it up here.


See I started my Competetive Programming as well as learning my first Programming Language exactly 1 year ago. August Long Challange 2017 on Codechef was the first contest I participated.
You may feel helpless or dumb at initial stages but remember everybody has gone through that demotivating phase.
You should enjoy the problem-solving process.

First green-tick is very important because the participant is not aware of the concept of ONLINE_JUDGE hence we tend to commit a lot of mistakes while taking input and printing as well as logic for of program.
Every time I see green-tick I get a soothing feeling. That encourages me to solve more problems so try to find your reason for doing this.

You will get a lot of information on how to start CP on the internet. So buck up and enjoy this process.

I can see you haven’t made any submission. So this won’t help you to improvise. At least wrong submissions show that you are trying.

Note: Before asking a question just check what is the right way to ask a question in the forum.