how should i get started with codechef?

I started off with codechef today.It so happened that the first question i tried to solve in the easy section seemed to be not understandable at all! Please give me some suggestions on how to go about solving these problems.

Read the problem again and again,
try as hard as possible to understand

if(still not getting it)


ask question about it



view others solution and try to understand from it


Happy coding :wink:

Actually 99% of the problems are comprehensible (from my own experience), but only with adequate background knowledge. So I’d refer to a text book first because some mathematical terms are indeed unknown for a beginner. For example “node”, “edges” are common graph vocabularies. These are terms you should know, so almost every problem setter omits the definition of them.

Read the Topcoder tutorials or do the USACO training pages (designed for high school students) to get started. :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot!

start with this “life, universe and everything.”