How post increment and pre increment are used in GCC Compiler ?

int main()


int x=12;

printf("%d %d",x++,x++);

return 0;


The difference comes when you use the post and pre increment in result

for ex

let say i = 5;

int j = i++; // j will contain i, i will be incremented.

now j will be 5 but i will become 6

int j = ++i; // i will be incremented, and j will contain the incremented i.

now j will be 6 and i will also be 6

Hope this helps!!

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Btw, more than 1 post increment in a statement in C/C++ = you cant predict the output. Thats what my professor told me when she was telling why these type of Q are not suitable for “Predict Output of following code”.

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