How much time do the beginner need to spend on any problem?

How much time we need to spend in any problem from easy category as a beginner ?

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I also started at codechef with practicing Easy section problems…
In the beginning it takes some time to analyse the things asked in the problem and to decode the language of the problem and as beginner one doesn’t know about the techniques used in these problems like finding gcd, seiving, simple problems based on optimal play ( that alice and bob ones…) , dynamic programming ( like 2D array traversal with right and down moves) and other simple topics…

But as u keep on solving them u will find u have pickup some speed in solving them

So in the beginning I would advice to devote some good time to them… dont worry if u take 10 mins or 20mins or an hr… just solve them( learning is more important than speed for a beginner) and soon u will become able to solve them within 5mins :slight_smile:



As sidhantgoyal said, at the beginning you should focus on the new concepts you acquire and never in the time you spend with a problem… In fact, time can actually be one of your least concerns here if you plan to attend the Long Contests (there’s no other website out there that offers 10 days contest, at least, not that I’m aware of.) as you’ll have ,in theory, 24 hours to solve each problem. Obviously, you can solve the easy ones in minutes and may never be able to find/implement a solution for a hard problem, even if the contest duration was longer.

My point is, struggle with a problem. A lot. Write a notebook of drafts on it… Read things online about it, implement an idea, get WA… Improve it… Get TLE… Keep doing this for some days if necessary… and when you are exhausted and still haven’t found an answer then you can read editorial and look at setters and testers solutions… It is hard… But it will pay off a lot in the long run :slight_smile:

Good luck,