How many top contributors receive codechef laddus each month?

How many top contributors receive codechef laddus each month and how long does it take for laddus to get credited?

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Lol. I thought you knew :confused:

Top 5 contributors get laddus, and they take random time to deliver/get credited. Sometimes they take 2-3 days, sometimes more than 10 days.

April was exception though, i got laddus on April 1, 8:02 pm (within 24 hours !!)and i was like “O_O. I thought I’d be seeing you after a month or 2…XD”


Most probably top 5. You need to bear in mind that after the “karma farmers issue”, these top 5 accounts are manually reviewed for plagiarism (any unfair mean to farm karma points). If an account is found to be plagiarised, it leaves the room for position 6, 7 and so on.

So if you’re in the top 10, there’s a good probability that you’ll get selected.

And it takes 2-4 days for the laddus to be delivered. But it may take more now because of the review policies.

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I didn’t receive yet :expressionless: so was curious :smiley:

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I was in top 5 until farmers started farming, Now i’m 5th in the last months top contributors list.

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They have updated the contributor list and removed the karma farmers from it. The top 5 in that final list would be getting laddus. You can review them by, -

  1. Goto current top contributor list
  2. There is a tab to select month and year. Select the required month and year for that times list.
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Feel you bro, even i was in my time XD.

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@vijju123 So farmers will actively get disqualified from the list, right?

@vijju123 I know this, I’m in 5th I’m sure… :smiley:

Haha, that comment was before yours neil, it was for @theintel .

@theintel , the suspected people have been disqualified and also suspended from participating in discuss. The issue of karma farming is strictly dealt with.

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April month was an exception but the plagiarism issue does not happen regularly.

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@vijju123 :D, the culprits has been punished the best part is that… But I feel they should be used as symbol so that other people don’t try to farm again.

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I see your PoV, but there is another. I dont want to publicly discuss it, but its on concept “The more you show/expose yourself, the more vulnerable you get.”

@mathecodician - Lol, i see almost every month someone using malpractice. Exception was that this time they managed to penetrate into Top list.

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I received laddus on April 1, you should mail them if you haven’t yet.

@only4 April 1 or may 1?

oops sorry, April top contributor laddus on may 1

How many laddus do top contributors get ?

Please upvote ! I need points

Where should I mail?

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its stated on the page that they get 300.