How long does it usually take to update ratings after contests?

I remember that rating was updated within just 12 hours after a long contest. For short ones, usually it takes 2-3 hours. But that doesn’t seem to be the usual recently. Its been about 48 hours since the end of SEPT17 and the rating is still not updated. As a matter of fact, my July Cook-Off’s rating was not even updated even though I submitted a solution.

Is there any specific time for rating update, like last or 15th day of the month or it’s just been delayed for some reason?


Firstly, the question of “When will rating be updated” is quite off topic itself in my opinion. It will get updated, its not running anywhere. Why bombard the forum with 10 questions of same thing? (I can understand 1-2 Q but I think this is fourth or fifth one in span of mere 2 days!)

Secondly, it takes time, and we cant say. As far as my experience goes, people at codechef would rather work for updating your rating and message you when its updated instead of answering these queries. And other members can only give a rough idea/estimate . So if you are looking for a precise answer, thats not possible.

Thirdly, its given at announcement of home page that July Cook-Off was declared unrated. How did you never see it before? :confused:

And lastly, no, no specific time. They update as soon as possible.