How do we remove spams or advertising from comments?

How can we report the spams which are posted as comment. As this is the issue with one of my question…?
Atleast give us the privilege to delete the comments posted on our question/answer


see here You need to have 2000 karma points to delete a comment. For deleting comments on own questions it should be lower I guess, time for the the admins to think. Plus we need to have report option for comments just like we have for questions and answers.


The values have been updated on the above link. You need 400 karma points to delete a comment. We are trying our best to delete any such nuisance comments, posts etc since many of the users may not have the necessary karma points to delete comments.

The forums are in its initial stages, we will judge once it gets going whether reporting a comment feature is required.


Admin wrote in this question ( that it is possible to mark comment as spam, but it’s not working for me…