How do I test my uploaded problem on CodeChef?

I am done with uploading my problem on CodeChef. I am getting an error Solutions to this problem cannot be sumbitted now!.

What should i do now ?


NOTE: This is only applicable if you have been given the problem setting rights by us.

To test your uploaded problem, you need to add it to your test page. If you open the problem from this page (, you won’t be able to submit a solution.

Follow the below-mentioned process to easily submit solution to you problem

  1. Go to your contest landing page: (Here CONTESTCODE = code for your test page. You will be receiving it along with your problem setting credentials)

  2. On the bottom-left find a link called ‘configure’.

  3. On clicking this link, you will be taken to

  4. At the bottom of the page, you can find a section called ‘add problem’.

  5. You have to

    • select the problem_code from the dropdown list
    • ‘public_from’ = keep it blank,
    • ‘info’ = 1,
    • ‘Submit limt’ = 500,
    • ‘set’ = main.
      And then Click the Add button and the problem will be added to the list.
  6. You should not make any modifications to the other settings above.

  7. Go back to your test page ( Your problem will appear here. Open it, and submit your solution :slight_smile:

Reference links:

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@admin, I am trying to submit my solution but I am getting a verdict of internal error! Please help.

how to know my contest code?