How do I submit a solution in Java?

The only example I can see is source code for a single class. My solution uses multiple classes. How do I submit this when only a single file can be uploaded? I have tried putting all source in a zip file but it leads to illegible code.

Is it possible to submit multiple classes? Do I have to rewrite the solution as a single class?

it is possible to submit a JAVA code with multiple classes…what is not possible is submitting multiple files!!!

I worked out how to Submit it. All source classes must be in a single source file. Only one public class is allowed so new interfaces cannot be created.

Now I’m stuck on the NZEC error. At first I guessed it may be memory related. It still happened when I removed all logic, writing out a hard-coded number. I was hoping it would move on to a Wrong Answer error instead.

Can NZEC mean Wrong Answer too?

No, NZEC is exception thrown basically…

What the statement “Only one public class is allowed so new interfaces cannot be created.” means? You do not need a pubiuc class, I’m using package visible.

See this submission for example -

@aljavauk: you should start with something easier, to get familiar with environment :wink:

read this -