How do I post a link to my code?

I have a doubt regarding the solution that I have submitted. How can I get a link of the code submitted by me?

  • Visit the problem page, say:

  • To the right of the headline “Life, the Universe, and Everything” you will see 3 buttons: “ALL SUBMISSIONS”, “MY SUBMISSIONS”, and “SUBMIT”. Click “MY SUBMISSIONS”.

  • You will see a list of your submitted programs. Pick the one you want, and on the far right of the row, click “View Solution”.

  • Copy and paste the link from your browser’s navigation bar into the Comment page:

But not all submissions are available, are they? What’s the rule?

We make all the solutions public for the problems used in a contest, once the contest is over.


You will be given a name S.
You have to tell the length (number of characters in the name) of the name S.please solve the problem