How do I find the list of users from my college on CodeChef ?

I can see there are Long Contest and Short Contest ratings where I can find a list of users who have participated in these contests but where can I find a list of all users on CodeChef so that I can filter students from my college irrespective of whether they have taken part in a contest or not.


Unfortunately codechef doesnot have this feature!!

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Yes you can.
Go to RANKINGS of any contest…
and sort them by Institution.

the list of students who have taken part in at least one contest is effectively the list of almost all users. Those who have not taken part in any contest are inactive on Codechef, so what is the need to know about them too?

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@aviaryan see here -> User List… select your institute, you will get the list of all the users from your institute.


In your case, you can get the users who have participated in atleast one contest. but what if I want to get the complete user list irrespective of other constraints ???

There can be reasons… How can you say that ?

Go to the ratings page of each challenge …and filter the list by college name//

First step to know all your Friends’ Codechef handle. You can do this by Creating a set. Go to ‘My Sets’ below your account and filter by country,college and add the friends in the set for whom you want to compare. Next up track their scores directly once Codechef publishes the rating.