[How ??] Create Tag

How Do I create new tags ?? https://blog.codechef.com/2014/11/18/the-new-karma-system/ say Minimum reputation to create tags 250 karma. I have sufficient karmas. But when I tried to create tage of my username @aryanc403 It displays Unapproved tag. How do I create new tag which is approved also. Do I have to create tag and wait them for to be approved by @admin or not ?? If no then How do I approve them. And If yes then Do I need to ask @admin always to approve them.

P.S. - When I was having karma <250 . I was able to create unapproved tags. So what is difference I cannot see here.

Everything aside, whats the use of that tag? Tags are meant to aid in searching. If I want to see any question asked by you (else why would you want to tag it with your name?) then I can simply look at them at your profile. This is considered when @admin approves of tags (to answer a part of your system). I dont know the exact mechanism behind it, but probably I will support if they want to keep the system of “Tags must be approved” else we can potentially get flooded with irrelevant/duplicate/repeated tags.

For rest of your question- @admin can respond better.

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