As all of you ,know many people has fake ids/accounts ,they copy code of some user and paste it on their id during live contest.It will become more frustrating for a user who are doing very hard work for getting good rank/rating for his/her own confidence.

my question is how can codechef detect this user has already account on codechef or this is fake account??

please post your reviews …definitely admin will look into matter if some genuine good view posted here and vote for this question to if you also want to avoid creation of fake account…

Your contribution may help to many of users.

Please post your Ideas…

Happy Coding

They simply can’t.

While creating an account, what codechef knows about him/her-

Username details/password


College (if filled)

About me /motto sort of useless details

IP Address

Any one of them won’t give any idea about the profile being fake and it won’t reveal anything.

One thing of consideration is the IP Address .

But even that would be proved ineffective because multiple users can work on the same IP Address (as in the case of college computers).

I believe other participants code is not visible while the contest is going? And also if two users has much similar code (like if someone tried his code publicly on ideaone or similar websites), then codechef has plagiarism detector? Though it affects both the user then (as i read from another topic here)

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these things are already used by codechef …

anyway thanks…keep post your review and vote for post…

if they use some genuine id at time of creating id…

@rcsldav2017: And how would this unique ID work without massively attacking one’s privacy? There are plenty of tools to fake nearly everything online about you (of course, it can usually be tracked back, but only with a lot of effort and if you’re FBI).

IPs? VPN. Ban VPNs? What if Codechef gets blocked in some country for some stupid reasons, how should people override it if not with VPNs? Etc.

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